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27 Oct 2008 | DenunciasInformes

The Oaxaca case before the Federal Supreme Court

In the month of June 2007, an initiative was approved in the Federal House of Representatives to solicit a Federal Supreme Court (SCJN in its initials in Spanish) investigation into the Oaxaca case. The SCJN has the ability to investigate based on “serious violations to individual guarantees,” which is a seldomly used proceeding; to this date there have been three precedents: Aguas Blancas, Lydia Cacho and Atenco.

This month we will present a compilation of all of the human rights and individual guarantee violations. It will be a legal document for which we will await response through the House of Representatives and the Section 22-the two representative bodies that can present arguments as part of the investigation-before the Court decides within the next six months.

We also remember that there is also a Political Lawsuit started in the House of Representatives in 2007 in response to the new violations that took place that year, not only human rights but also other topics, and are waiting for the Court’s resolution to move forward.