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Political Judgement against Ulises Ruíz?

As was expected, in an “express political judgment” the chamber of deputies controlled by PRI exonerated Ulises Ruiz of any charges for the acts in 2006. In a briefly span of only two weeks, the commission of the local congress determined the innocence of Ulises Ruiz, since the legislators didn’t found any responsibility to the Oaxacan mandatory “either for action or omission, neither direct or indirect”, as its written on his dictum, because of this the political judgment cannot proceed against him for the facts denounced by the deputy Cristobal Carmona.

Let’s remember that on July 29th, the deputy of Partido Nueva Alianza (Panal) Cristobal Carmona, requested the political judgment raising suppositions due to the fact of being a person outside the conflict and devoid of all legitimacy to represent the victims of the 2006 movement, which where never informed or consulted. For that the Supreme Court used the resolution in detriment of the same victims, since it doesn’t represent them; moreover the chamber of deputies rested all the probative value to a resolution of the court of justice of the country, which has indicated the responsibility of the statal executive power the violation of the individual guarantees.

 With the above is clear that:

  1. The local congress in most priista, exhibits its submission to the executive power on this action that we consider a display of protectionism to Ulises Ruiz.
  2. The supposed judgment is not even a simulation, the fastness and the lack of transparency on how it has been operated is manifested.
  3. Is evident, once more, the authoritarianism on the exercise of the government when it imposes their “truth”, justifies repression and denies the citizen participation in a process that interests the oaxacan society.
  4. The demand of Justice and punishment to the responsible of the repression of 2006, from diverse social sectors, as a central demand that must be urgently attended by the new government if it doesn’t want to be accomplice of this shameful simulation.

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