16 Dic 2009 | Campañasjuan manuel

The resolution of the case Juan Manuel Martinez Moreno

It has been 20 days since the celebration of the constitutional audience and still today there hasn’t been any notification about the resolution of the judge of injunction 941/200.

We hope that this year the case of injunction is resolved. If the injunction is fairly granted, it means that Juan Manuel will be free on an immediate way. Even tough there’s the possibility that the Judge makes an exception if the Public Minister interposes a new resource of revision.

The other possibility is that the injunction is denied. If this happens, on the following 15 days the legal defense will be presenting a resource of revision at the Supreme Mexican Court that has a new procedure on the topic, especially with the lack of proofs against Juan Manuel Martinez Moreno.

Recently, the General Justice Solicitor declared at the Chamber of Deputies that had been giving pursuit to the recommendation 50/2008 of the Mexican Human Rights Commission, about the case Brad Will, and have started previous investigations for “hiding information” by government officials, police, and public minister agents. With that is proven that there’s a lack of elucidation of the facts and it recognizes implicitly that Juan Manuel Martinez Moreno is innocent since there’s not a clear and precise investigation of the facts.

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