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Oaxaca before the UN

Within the framework of the Universal Periodic Review (UPR) carried out by the Human Rights Council of the UN, with regards to Mexico, state and national organizations of civil society have completed in-depth work to express their concern regarding the issue of human rights. As part of this joint work, the Liberation Committee 25 of November continues to denounce the serious and ongoing human rights violations in Oaxaca.

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Complete Text:

The International Commission of Jurists and the Prodh Center in alliance with Committee 25 of November of Oaxaca (Mexico), remind us that the legitimate action of human rights defenders, such as social protest, continues to be criminalized. In 2009 Mexico was the third country in the world with more alerts sent to the recording secretary regarding the situation of human rights defenders.

In the evaluation of Mexico carried out last February, nine of the given recommendations (26, 27, 28, 38, 44, 45, 46, 47 and 48) make reference to the necessity of solving the root problems behind torture, arbitrary detentions and the fight against impunity. A paradigmatic example of these serious human rights violations can be seen in the State of Oaxaca, Mexico.

The recognition of cases of torture perpetrated by agents of the State at various times during 2006 has been widely documented by the alerts sent by national and international human rights organizations. At present, a pattern of criminalization of social protest and of political dissidence continues to exist in Oaxaca, which manifests itself in arbitrary detentions, the excessive use of public force, the murder of political opponents, the intimidation against civil organizations, human rights defenders, the media and independent journalists, thus limiting fundamental liberties.

Arbitrary detentions continue to be a constant occurrence. In the case of the persecution of individuals detained in relation to the conflict of 2006, we continue to observe a systematic denial of justice and due process. The biased and one sided functioning of the administration system and the granting of justice is constantly used in prejudice against those who oppose the current governor of Oaxaca. The institutions that should defend citizens and their human rights actually operate against them, putting into question their legitimacy and credibility.

The fight against impunity remains to be another important unresolved issue in the State of Oaxaca. There have been no charges against those responsible for the violent repression in 2006 (detentions, tortures, extrajudicial executions), nor of the previous and ongoing acts, including the forced disappearance of people. The undertaken investigations do not show any significant advances. Several processes have been shelved due to lack of evidence; the investigating authorities limit themselves to compiling.

We make an urgent call before the Honorable Councilor and his State members to put into place a process of monitoring the application of the recommendations accepted by the Mexican State in its fight against impunity.

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