23 Abr 2009 | CampañasDenuncias

There have been no Advances in the Prosecution of Human Rights Violations of Former Political Prisoners

Five months have passed since the criminal denunciation has been filed and there have still been no advances in the investigations of torture and other crimes against former political prisoners detained arbitrarily on November 26th 2006.

Up to the present date a legal notification of the commencement of the aforementioned investigation has yet to be received, due to a change in the jurisdiction of the investigation.  We will note that the official denunciation was filed in Mexico City on November 21st and in January 2009 the investigation was sent to the Regional Delegation of the PGR in Oaxaca, according to oral information of representatives of the PGR.

In concordance with the proceedings given by the law, we will continue waiting for the notification in order to be able to demonstrate the tortures suffered and to contribute to the evidence given by each one of the accusers. These have already been shown by the CNDH in their recommendation 15/2007.

To view the recommendation: Click here

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